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Shelter in Place

THE ORDER: Culberson County Allamoore ISD is located in Culberson County and is subject to the Amended Order Culberson County Judge Carlos Urias issued on 3-25-20 requiring residents to remain at home and requiring governmental offices to close unless providing essential and/or critical services defined in its strict guidelines. Consequently, Culberson County Allamoore ISD will be closed to the public under the Amended Order from Wednesday, March 25, 2020 at 11:59 PM CDT and will continue unless terminated or modified by subsequent Order.

Pathways to Technology Early College High School

Culberson County-Allamore Independent School District (CCAISD) was awarded the competitive P-Tech and ICIA Planning Grant for 2019-2020. P-Tech stands for Pathways to Technology Early College High School, and the Texas Education Agency has approved our request to design a collegiate program that will prepare Van Horn students for STEM careers in local industry fields.

Superintendent's Message

Our vision is simple, “Every student graduating with a College Associate’s Degree and at least one STEM Industry Certification.” Van Horn has built a new 21st Century public school facility because we have the vision to know public education is the solution to our community’s needs. We have installed cutting edge academic programs aimed at the fields of Engineering, Medicine, and Technology. The way we as adults were educated worked for us and many of us received the education we needed to be successful. Now, it is time for our children and grandchildren to be educated in a way for them to be successful in life. What they need and will need is different from what we do now. Employers know the list skills they need. Leadership, interpersonal skills, teamwork, analyzing, technical skills, IT skills, sales and marketing, planning, organizing, flexibility, time management, lifelong learning, and stress tolerance. This is what has built the “The Van Horn Vision.”


Kenneth Baugh
Superintendent, CCAISD