CCAISD has Moved to Remote Learning From 11-13-20 to 11-23-20

Date: 11-12-20

If your child was at school on 11-9-20 (Monday) in the classes for PreKindergarten, Kindergarten, First Grade, and 4th Grade, we have reason to believe that your child may have been a close contact of a person with COVID-19. We ask that you stay aware of any new developments with covid symptoms and report to our Covid-19 Coordinator, Pam Baugh, RN. We have already cleaned the areas of possible COVID-19 contact.

If you or your child experience symptoms of COVID-19 then you should seek medical attention. A negative test does not suffice to shorten the recommended quarantine period.

Current public health recommendations and CCAISD's COVID-19 Protocols for an individual with a positive test for COVID-19, include self-monitoring of symptoms and exclusion from congregate settings such as school and daycare for 10 days since the last known symptom or a positive test date with no symptoms. Re-entry to the school buildings requires the clearance of the COVID-19 Coordinator, Pam Baugh, RN.

Current public health recommendations and CCAISD's COVID-19 Protocols require an individual with "direct exposure" to quarantine for 14 days since the first day symptoms appeared or a positive test date with no symptoms of the individual with COVID-19. Report any problems, symptoms, questions, or test results to the CCAISD COVID-19 Coordinator, Pam Baugh, RN at [email protected] or call 432-283-2245 Ext. 1110 during school business hours.

The last known exposure for the grades listed above occurred on 11-9-20 (Monday) and self-monitoring and quarantine should occur through 11-23-20 (Monday). They are released to return to activities on 11-24-20

At this time, any teacher not quarantined, may conduct their class instruction via Zoom and Canvas from their classrooms. All CTE students will be allowed to continue their CTE classes at school, all extra-curricular programs can practice and hold their events at school if they are not in quarantine. At this time, at school learning will begin on 11-30-20 (Monday)

Thank you for your assistance in following the recommendations to prevent the potential spread of COVID-19. Additional guidance may be found at
Remember, be safe, be healthy, and be kind to someone today.